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A1 - Green Pea
Green Pea: designed to be a quick introduction to writing service, it gives the brand-new advisor good quick tips to start writing right out of the gate.
A2 - Thank you for Calling
Learn the do’s and don’ts of proper phone etiquette and a strategic way to EARN more business.
A3 - Walk Around
Walk Around: designed to teach the value of the walk around for the advisor, the dealer, and the customer. We discuss sales opportunities, good interview questions and building a relationship with the customer.
A4 - MPI Technician
MPI Technician: designed for teaching new techs the value of doing and documenting a good MPI. There are separate classes for paper and electronic and we also discuss video.
A5 MPI Advisor
MPI Advisor: discusses both the preparation of the MPI and the presentation of it to the customer. There are separate courses for paper inspection and electronic which includes video.
A6 Active Delivery
The most overlooked process in the service department with the highest impact on CSI. Learn to send your customer off with a smile.
A6 CSI and Retention
CSI and Retention: discusses the best ways to attain good customer satisfaction not by chasing the number but by giving the customer a WOW experience. We also discuss ways to increase your survey penetration.
A7 Oil Change and Beyond
Oil Change and Beyond: discusses all the possible add-on items you can offer with an oil change, including word tracks to build value in each item.
A9 "Cornerstone" MOC Warranties
What is the MOC warranty? How does it work? And what’s in it for me?