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Whats New?

  1. MOC University and Smart Tech apps are available in the Apple App store and Google Play store.
  2. You now have access to add and remove users to MOC University and Smart Tech. 

To grant users access to Smart Tech, click on ‘Manage Users”. Next,  select the store in your list, then add new user.

Make sure the store is enrolled in the “Smart Tech App Overview” course. If not, request the course from the main dashboard.

To grant users access to MOC University and MOC U app, click on ‘Manage Users”. Next,  select the store in your list, then add new user(S). 

Use ‘Add a Store’ to request access for a new store.

When adding users in the Group Management portal, new users will automatically receive an welcome email. The user will be prompted to update their login credentials.

Our MOC University and MP Smart Tech app are located in Google Play store for Android users and Apple store for iPhone users. Their login for both apps are the same as MOC University.

MP Smart Tech is a user-friendly app that provides MOC® equipment customers with the tools needed to maximize equipment performance.

MOC University provides service advisors and technicians comprehensive knowledge and skills that are essential for success in the automotive industry.

Click on ‘Manage Users’,  select the store you would like to grant reporting access to. Next, scroll down to ‘Group Leaders’,  add the manager’s full name, email and click submit.

Passwords can be created by the MOC Rep in the Group Management Portal.

Yes, Passwords can be reset by the MOC Rep in the Group Management portal.

Yes, by clicking “Forgot Password” from the login page.  They will receive an email with a link to reset their password.

Additional licenses can be requested from the Main Dashboard. Licenses are associated with the users’ email account.  By default, each new store account receives 10 licenses. Additional licenses are free to MOC® customers, depending on the course or application(s) link to the license(s).

Add a Store

Request to add a store to your account. Complete this form providing the store name to assign users MOC U and/or Smart Tech app access.

Request Additional Licenses

Request to add or remove licesnses. Licesnses are associated with user accounts. 10 licesnses are issued with new accounts by deafult.

Manage Users

Access the Group Management Portal to add and remove user login in your accounts. Manage MOC U Group Leader accounts for reporting.

View Reporting

This tool provides you with quick access to user activit, by store. You can view your accounts user attendance, course progress and completions.

Update Existing Store

Request to add Smart Tech app access to an existing store, Change store Name, or Delete a Store. Please Complete the ‘Account Update form.

Request Courses

Request individual courses for a specific account. Enrolled courses are assigned to the account providing access to the users within the account.