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Service Drive Training
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Keep it simple. Let’s make it fun. A wise old man once said knowledge is power. The following information has been put together with the professional service advisor and those striving to become one in mind. We hope that no matter your skill level you will find something to add to your toolbox that will assist you in making every customer count and have all team members speaking the same language.

Science Behind Fluids
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A vehicle is typically  the second largest investment next to your home. If it is cared for appropriately, it will continue to perform properly, maintain value and continue to offer a positive driving experience.

A well maintained vehicle offers an excellent return on its investment by performing safely and reliably during the time it is owned. Good maintenance also helps to avoid costly repairs down the road. The first step to appropriately maintain a vehicle is to understand how it works and what kind of care it needs, when it needs it and why to needs to be done.

This course content is curated to explain many typical preventive maintenance items in a clear and concise manner.

Equipment Training
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As part of our dealership support package, we include comprehensive equipment training.

  • Complete step-by-step video tutorials demonstrating the proper use of our equipment.
  • On-site training is designed to give appropriate service associates the fundamental skills and knowledge to operate the equipment.
  • Our technical trainer will review recommended OEM service schedules and answer any pertinent questions.
  • Classroom and web-based instruction are available upon request.